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Here are a few storage tips offered by our team at Beaverton Self Storage:

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Use packing tape or duct tape to seal all appliance doors before beginning your move. The tape should be removed and the doors wedged open once in storage. Wrap or cover each item for protection. Hint: Appliance boxes serve nicely as packing cartons for bedding, towels and clothing. Be sure to secure all moveable parts with tape, paper or a wedge of some kind. Always clean appliances before starting your move and provide a few days’ notice to utilities so that power can be discontinued and appliances disconnected.

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As beds are being disassembled, mark all the pieces so that you will know what goes where when it is time for reassembly. Lash the bed rails together and place covers on mattresses so that they remain clean and organized during moving and storage.

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Because they are heavy, books should be packed in smaller cartons, holding the weight of each to less than 30 lbs. for ease of lifting. Line boxes and cartons with plastic wrap or garbage bags to protect your books from moisture, and fill in empty spaces with packing paper to prevent books from shifting during transport.

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Bureau drawers offer an excellent means of containing small and fragile items during a move. Sweaters, blankets and towels provide excellent padding.

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Moving can be hard work, so don’t overdo it. Try to keep the weight of any packaging cartons under 30 lbs. Use a marking pen to list contents on the sides of boxes. To calculate load sizes, multiply length x width x height of each carton, if that information is not already present on the carton.

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Protect chair legs from damage by wrapping them in packing paper. Leave slipcovers on upholstered chairs and cover them with plastic chair covers.

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Clothing that ordinarily hangs in a closet should be packed in a wardrobe carton.

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Take your time when packing dishes. Wrap each dish with packing tissue and cushion them with crumpled packing paper. Keep cartons under 30 lbs. for easy handling and secure transport.

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Pack glasses carefully, wrapping each one with crumpled packing paper just as you did with the dishes.

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Pack lamp shades in individual boxes padded with plenty of packing paper. Lamp bases should be transported in drawers, freezers and washing machines to avoid damage and save space. For safety, pad them well with towels and blankets.

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Wrap your mirrors in paper pads, place in mirror packs and identify them with your marker/pen so that they are not accidentally banged or bumped. Mirrors should be placed on edge for transport. Never store a mirror flat.

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Wrap paintings in paper pads and mirror packs, the same as you did mirrors. Mark them fragile and store them on edge.

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If possible, remove the legs from large tables prior to transport. Any extra leaves should be bundled together and securely padded.

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Never store combustibles or perishables such as old paint, cleaning fluids, gasoline and other inflammable materials. Make certain all fuel is drained from gasoline-powered equipment. Throw away anything that could possibly cause a fire. Do not store food or any other item which could attract rodents or pests in open containers. Why risk your possessions just to preserve a few leftovers?

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